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Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, North America, Inc.

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Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, North America, Inc.

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The Virtual Donor Recognition Wall acknowledges those individuals and corporations, who through their generous donations, have made it possible for ICOMAA North America to make a start on her vision to “give back to a center of excellence” .

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The North American Branch of ICOMAA was incorporated in the USA in 2001 as a non-profit tax-exempt organization with 503C Status. Dr. Toks Owo was the first President and there are forty-three foundation members who have contributed to maintain and expand the activities of the organization. Early activities included a  pledge of one million Naira towards the recently launched Endowment program by ICOMAA Worldwide and  $3,000 towards the shipment of 3 hemodialysis units to UCH.  Successive executive committees have worked with ICOMAA worldwide to raise funds for activities at the college and facilitated fund-raising by Class sets for significant infrastructure investments and improvements. We work closely with the leadership of ICOMAA worldwide and with the Provost of the college of medicine and the Chief medical director of the University college hospital to identify needs and help in any way we can. The goals of ICOMAA, North America are to expand the active membership, create a viable and strong branch of ICOMAA in North America, promote networking among the members and develop a fundraising machinery to solicit funds from private and corporate sources to support the laudable goals of faculty and student exchange, improving library services, promoting collaborative research and establish an endowment fund.

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