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The North American Branch of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association was incorporated in the USA in 2001 as a non-profit tax-exempt organization with 501(c)(3) Status.

1. Kudos 👌👍, Thanks and Deepest Appreciation to the Provost and ALL who contributed to the organization of this inaugural edition of “Learning from Living Legends” which took place today.
2. I joined by Zoom from 8.15am local time here and stayed on till 12.45 pm when the Zoom was switched off.
3. In between were quite memorable moments which made it clear that a lot of energy, time and resources were put into organizing the event.
4. It was Substantive in the Opening remarks of the Provost herself which outlined the rationale for the initiative, as well as the Contributions of 5 carefully selected “Legends” who represented various strands of the College.
They all spoke well highlighting critically important issues to take cognizance of now and into the future.
5. It was Inspirational as it paid Homage to those who contributed to laying the strong Foundation on which the College stands and signalled to Teachers past that they are appreciated and Welcome in the College and are NOT “persona non grata” as some have been made to feel in recent past.
6. It was Entertaining and Enjoyable as reflected in the Feting, Wining and Dancing with a Live Band that called out the Name of each Honoree in song as they went to be garlanded. (One of the singers sang loudly out of tune but that was part of the fun).
7. It was Thrilling in the sight of young Students who read out well penned beautiful Poems.
8. And perhaps most significantly, it was Memorable for the beaming Provost herself who danced joyfully as she brought each Legend forward for the shawl and individual Picture.
It was obvious that she revelled in what she was doing from her smiling visage.
9. So, it was indeed a remarkable day.
History was made because such an Event has never taken place before at UCH.
It opens a new Chapter for cooperative engagement between the Old and the Young, the Past and the Present to build a better Future for CoMUI.
It is a Day to be remembered.
Thank you for making it happen.
Funso Famuyiwa

Congratulations to the Living Legends . This is a wonderful celebration of our Distinguished Professors. May this be the beginning of an excellent collaboration and exchange of ideas, leadership and guidance and great counsel from the Living Legends.

I will also commend the Provost, the Deputy Provost, President ICOMAA. Worldwide and their staff for their relentless commitment to excellence. May we all continue to learn from the wisdom of our living legends. From a grateful and proud Alumnus – Modupe Ogunnaike Sokunbi – Vice President ICOMAA NA

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