Provost Omigbodun Honors Dr Phillip Ozuah, Other Donors at ICOMAA-NA Annual General Meeting.

Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, North America, Inc

At the recent AGM of ICOMAA-NA in New York, Provost Omigbodun was accompanied by her very special guest in the person of distinguished alumnus, Dr Phillip Ozuah.

Provost Omigbodun formally introduced Dr Ozuah at the meeting. She thanked him for his very generous gift of $1 million to the Hostel Fund and described the events and circumstances that led up to that very large gift which is the largest single gift from an individual Nigerian to an individual Nigerian educational institution.
On behalf of the College, she then presented a commemorative plaque and sash to Dr Ozuah in grateful commemoration and appreciation of his very generous gift.
Provost Omigbodun then also presented plaques and sashes to other ICOMAA-NA members who had made generous platinum-level donations to the fund. The honorees included:

  • Dr. Olanrewaju Rasaq Abu, ‘81

  • Dr Dolamu Sokunbi, ‘81

  • Dr Modupe Sokunbi, ‘82

  • Dr Abraham Ariyo, ‘88

  • Prof. Kunle Akinboboye ‘84

  • Dr Yinka Akinboboye ‘87

  • Dr Abib Olamitoye ‘85

Provost Omigbodun also presented a special plaque to a Gold level donor who is not an alumnus of COMUI. Dr Olufęmi Taiwo is a professor of philosophy at Georgetown University and nephew to Dolamu and Modupe Sokunbi. In accepting the plaque on behalf of Dr Taiwo, Drs Sokunbi reminded all present that many Nigerians in the US already give generously and regularly to local and international nonprofit organizations. They urged all present to remind all their family members, friends and affiliated organizations that ICOMAA-NA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from individuals and corporations in the USA.

Provost Omigbodun went on to acknowledge every single class set and every individual donor to the fund as specifically named and honored in the official brochure of the AGM. She appealed for continued donations to the fund and acknowledged the very hard work, diligence, sacrifice, and transparent accounting by all members of the Building Committee that is composed of alumni from all over the world.